Warm end…

…to my spring trip in UK. The last image before I had to go to airport. My next trip will take me to Finland lapland, but I might visit UK again in autumn. Maybe with my camper van that I am planning to build from Ford Transit Custom. Will see :)

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Ilus lõpp kevadisele fototripile Inglismaal, Manchesteri lähistel. Pilt tehtud enne lennujaama minekut. Järgmiseks aastaks on tehtud juba suured plaanid, aga midagi kindlat veel rääkida ei julge. Kõik omal ajal :)

The View

Quite nice view from tent. I really hoped to photograph the cloud/fog invasion, but unfortunately this is the best image I managed to capture. So, lots of ideas for next trip to Scotland.

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Päris kena vaade telgist. Üks peamisi põhjuseid miks tagasi läksin Šotimaale oli just udu invasiooni pildistamine. Seekord õnnestus midagi juba näha aga siiski natukene vähe. Ehk järgmine kord on rohkem õnne.

I’m back

And alive, I mean, I feel like I am alive :) I really needed that kind of vacation. Although I have to give some blood samples because I found three ticks on my hands, so fingers crossed :)

The weather was really wierd, even village shopkeepers told that it is wierd that weather is so warm and blue skies. So weather wasn’t perfect for photographing, but hey, still better then rain right.

Now I have to do a lot of sorting and editing before I can upload images, but I’m pretty sure that I got couple images that i really like. So thank You Northern UK and Scotland for this stunning landscapes :)

One more thing, and that’s important, if You are looking place to stay at Manchester then I highly reccomend Gatley Homestay. Very lovely place to stay, perfect.

Have a nice weekend my friends!

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