I love woodlands. But it is really hard to see these consequences of cutting woodlands. But there is one good thing about that. Citizens here in Estonia have started protest and demanding stricter rules for downgrading forests. I sincerely hope that something will be done.

There is another thing about that tree. I have been looking this tree for couple months now. The way I found that was really weird. It is littlebit hard to descraibe, but I was driving with car, when I suddenly thought that I have to stop the car, take my camera bag and walk to woodland. There was about 50m section of the trees and then this empty space with couple trees. And there this fallen tree was, laying down. I just sat there and looked at that fallen tree for quite a long time. It wasn’t the environment that I hoped to see that tree, but I will visit this place again. I don’t know why, but I want to go.

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Sarnast pilti olen otsinud päris pikalt, kuid ei osanud arvata, et leian selle langenud puu vales keskkonnas. Ehk siis keset lageraie lanki. Kahjuks viimasel ajal on olnud ikka raske leida metsa, mis on puutumata inimtegevusest.

Mysterious forest

I love when forests are covered with thick fog, I wish it could be every morning :) Autumn is coming, foggy mornings would be really nice. It would give that separation what is needed in woodland photography.

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Kui vaid iga hommik oleks selline. Siis oleks lust käija hommikuti metsas kondamas. Sellised hetked on toredad.

The Morning

Yesterday I did a small camping trip near a beautiful lake. Main reason I went to camping was to photograph falling stars (Persicides). But, secretly I hoped that maybe I might see some special moments when I wake up. I really hoped that this lake is covered with fog, and it was :)
Bad sleep was forgotten instantly ( wild animals were too curious ). And lots of energy was recovered to go to work. I might do that again.

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Eile hommikul telgist välja kobides ei oleks uskunud, et selline vaade tervitab mind. Kuigi ma sisimas lootsin, et ehk on udu järve peal. Kehvasti magatud öö oli kohe unustatud ( erinevad metsloomad olid uudishimulikud ).

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