Perseid ’17

This year the landscape was really good, but almost fullmoon made lots of perseids invisible to camera and at peak date we didn’t have clear sky. So to get any meteors I had to photograph towards the milkyway, perseid meteor flow was at opposite side. Thankfully I managed to get two quite bright meteors, but I really hoped more. Well, next year is another chance. Hopefully, finally I will get the image that is ready in my head.

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Telkimine tähistaeva all koos langevate tähtedega ja linnuteega. Ideaalne :)

Kuid pildi mõttes läks natukene kehvasti. Kahjuks perseiidide tipp öö oli pilves, kuid see ei olnud ainus probleem. Peaaegu täiskuu kustutas kaamera jaoks paljud langevad tähed ära, aga siiski minul väga meeldib see pilt. Ma arvan, et kuu valgus isegi annab juurde, just esiplaanile, mis sest et langevaid tähti on vähem kui oleks võinud olla.

Ega igakord ei peagi tagasi tulema ideaalse pildiga, vaid olulisem on vast ikka seiklus ning kõik muu mis selle fototripi ettevalmistuseks teha tuleb.


New Homepage theme

I’ve looked new homepage theme for over a year now. Last theme that I had, I didn’t liked how the blog page was designed. I prefer this theme style, at one row. It takes time to get used to it, but I hope that this is minor issue. There is still a lot to discover and fine tune with it, but i hope I can finish it with couple days. Meantime, have a nice weekend :)

This image is from this year trip to Scotland, I took this image near Malham, Yorkshire Dales National Park. I don’t remember exactly where this village was located. Sorry about that. But yeah, really beautiful scenery with this little village..

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I’m back

And alive, I mean, I feel like I am alive :) I really needed that kind of vacation. Although I have to give some blood samples because I found three ticks on my hands, so fingers crossed :)

The weather was really wierd, even village shopkeepers told that it is wierd that weather is so warm and blue skies. So weather wasn’t perfect for photographing, but hey, still better then rain right.

Now I have to do a lot of sorting and editing before I can upload images, but I’m pretty sure that I got couple images that i really like. So thank You Northern UK and Scotland for this stunning landscapes :)

One more thing, and that’s important, if You are looking place to stay at Manchester then I highly reccomend Gatley Homestay. Very lovely place to stay, perfect.

Have a nice weekend my friends!

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