Blue Sky

Beautiful dark ominous stormy clouds at Scotland hills. The foreground and the clouds are illuminated by sunset light. Lots of negative space, but I like it. This image would look nice at wall :)

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Vahelduseks üks pilt Šotimaalt. Päikeseloojangu valgus muudab tormipilve ikka päris hirmuäratavaks. Kahjuks torm jäi tulemata, oleks saanud ikka väga huvitavaid dramaatilisi pilte.

Spring storm

Spring storm from last year. One of my favorite beach.

That’s a last time I saw that kind of beautiful weather formation. This weekend there is a slight chance that we can trace some thunderstorms, but there is one problem, I don’t have a car any more, I have only bicycle :) Hopes are not exactly high :)

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Eelmise aasta kevade pilt Nõvalt. Ilus tormipilv, mis tõi kaasa üllatavalt korraliku lumekihi.

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