Mosquito River

A photograph is a click away. A good photograph is a hundred clicks away and a better one, a thousand clicks away
― Kowtham Kumar K

So, long way to go, but nowadays in digital era it’s more like 100 000 click :)

Fern and wild garlic forest

I went back to see how wild garlic is blossoming. Still little bit early, but for couple of days the time should be right. Now there is another problem. Next to this forest is quite big river, it means that there is a lot of mosquitoes, about couple miljon I think :) It was tough to walk there with shorts, but good exercise for Scotland trip :)

Karulauk peaaegu juba õitseb, paar päeva läheb veel. Aga nüüd on üks teine probleem. Nimelt sääski on ikka erakordselt palju seal, lühikeste pükstega ei soovita minna :) Kui just ei ole vaja motivatsiooni kätega vehkimiseks.

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