Dramatic coastline

Most of the Christmas and New Year vacation I was out in nature. Before Christmas I just didn’t have a chance to wander around in nature, because of my day job. So I had a lot of ground to cover.

The story about this image is that I was actually scouting for future images. But suddenly I had a stupid idea. I thought that this image would look nice if I stand near this cliff. That way I could give this image a depth, hopefully not a death. I don’t recommend doing this, especially if you know that this cliff is not stable. Thankfully nothing happened.

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Paldiski pankrannik on täis potentsiaalselt häid pilte, kui vaid ilm kaasa mängiks. Paar väga head kohta leidsin, ehk õnnestub tulevikus ka ideed realiseerida.

Sellel pildil pildistasin ise ennast, et anda pildile sügavust ja näidata kui võimas pankrannik ikka on. Kahju, et ma ei ole varem seal kandis just tihti luurel käinud. Ideid on nüüd kuhjaga, ka öö fotograafia jaoks.

Tea break

Tea break under the night sky.

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Üks vanem pilt. Tee paus linnutee all.

Relaxing at the beach

My way to relax after working. Have a nice weekend to you my friends.

Minu viis lõõgastuda peale tööpäeva. Ilusat nädalavahetust Teile.

Road to Heaven

The Earth is Art, The Photographer is only a Witness
― Yann Arthus-Bertrand


No Lightning

So photography is lot more to me than just a snapshot. I think that, that’s the reason why sometimes I have some motivation problems. I push myself too hard.
About that, I found one very interesting channel at Youtube. It is KelbyOne. I really like this channel topics, especially discussions about inspiration in photography.
If photography is lot more then just a snapshot for you, then I think you will like this channel.


It’s not easy to find interesting composition for promising sunset colors. Some how if there is sign that sunset colors will be beautiful then I start to search too late places where to go. I really need to take myself together. Me walking there, on top of hill, will give nice perspective to this image.


Läksin, et leida huvitav kompositsioon päikeseloojangule mis tõotas huvitav tulevat. Jäin hiljaks, ca 15min, kuna lähenevad pilved blokeerisid loojuva päikese ära. Ei tasu hakata mõtlema, et aega on, ei olnud. Ei leidnud ka huvitavat kompositsiooni. Seega jalutasin kaadrisse :)

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