Kaibaldi liivik


One of the weirdest places in Hiiumaa. In the middle of the island lies a sandy area. It looks like typical Estonian coastal line, but the sea is far away. 

The Hiiumaa is least lightpolluted area in Estonia, so this island is really good for astrophotography.

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Pilt on tehtud Hiiumaal kaibaldi liivikul aprillikuus. Hiiumaa on Eestis üks parimaid kohti linnutee pildistamiseks, kuna seal on valgusreostust kõige vähem. Tähed on seal eriti kirkad, kui võrrelda mandri Eestiga. Kahjuks nüüdseks on  öötaevas liiga hele, sest päevad on pikad. Eks tuleb linnutee pildistamisega oodata ja minna järgmine aasta tagasi, sest siis on linnutee kõige ilusam.

Low tide canvas

Beautiful patterns made by low tide and wind. @Scotland, Portpatric

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Ilusad tuule ja mõõna mustrid.

Spring storm

Spring storm from last year. One of my favorite beach.

That’s a last time I saw that kind of beautiful weather formation. This weekend there is a slight chance that we can trace some thunderstorms, but there is one problem, I don’t have a car any more, I have only bicycle :) Hopes are not exactly high :)

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Eelmise aasta kevade pilt Nõvalt. Ilus tormipilv, mis tõi kaasa üllatavalt korraliku lumekihi.

Limestone cliff details

Recently I have watched photography related videos about canyons. Here we don’t have canyons, Estonia is flat country, but we have limestone cliff. Thanks to these videos I was really motivated to photograph something similar. I know it is not even close, but still I really enjoyed these early mornings by myself ,figuring out compositions etc. Similar images would look much nicer with early sunrise colors. Some ideas remained for the next time.
But yeah, I would love to travel to Utah, Zion National Park in autumn.

This picture is 10 images focus stack, so lots of details.

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Pankranniku detailid. Sarnase stiiliga üritan see aasta oluliselt rohkem tegeleda, ideid on palju, aga tuleb ka vastavad kohad leida, sest et ei ole kindel kas need ka eksisteerivad Eestis :)

Relaxing at the beach

My way to relax after working. Have a nice weekend to you my friends.

Minu viis lõõgastuda peale tööpäeva. Ilusat nädalavahetust Teile.


Illuminated by full moon. Nice long shadows and some light star trails.

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Lonely Boulder

What a sunset it was. This is probably the nr 1 so far.

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Uskumatu loojang. kindlalt esimesel kohal kõikidest loojangutest senimaani.

Walk To Unknown

Actually, it’s nature itself that creates the most beautiful pictures, I’m only choosing the perspective.
― Katja Michael

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Road to Heaven

The Earth is Art, The Photographer is only a Witness
― Yann Arthus-Bertrand



Lihtne pilt, aga töötab minu meelest väga hästi. Üks lemmikuid. Nõva rand on üks eriline koht. Rannahooaeg on alanud.

My new favorite picture. Well, my beach season has started. Nõva beach has given some beautiful pictures.

Beautiful place for barbeque and just relax in peace. Highly recommend for camping stop.

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