The Last Light

At Scotland, Dumfries.

I really miss Scotland. Today I already checked Ryanair airfare prices, but yeah, “thankfully” I can’t go. Day job interferes private life:)

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The Arrival…

…of strangers from outer space, I thought, but thankfully not :) This evening was really special. I’ve never seen so dramatic sky in my life. Secretly, I really hoped to photograph exactly that kind of weather for as much days as possible, but about weather, ju just never know, what will next day be like….

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Külalised avakosmosest :)

See õhtu oli eriline, pole kunagi varem nii dramaatilist taevast näinud. Üks lemmik piltidest sellest reisist, kuigi otsisin meeleheitlikul sobilikku kompositsiooni, sest ma ei olnud veel sihtkohta jõudnud.


I’m back

And alive, I mean, I feel like I am alive :) I really needed that kind of vacation. Although I have to give some blood samples because I found three ticks on my hands, so fingers crossed :)

The weather was really wierd, even village shopkeepers told that it is wierd that weather is so warm and blue skies. So weather wasn’t perfect for photographing, but hey, still better then rain right.

Now I have to do a lot of sorting and editing before I can upload images, but I’m pretty sure that I got couple images that i really like. So thank You Northern UK and Scotland for this stunning landscapes :)

One more thing, and that’s important, if You are looking place to stay at Manchester then I highly reccomend Gatley Homestay. Very lovely place to stay, perfect.

Have a nice weekend my friends!

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Finally we had couple clear sky at night, but here is the thing, at summer we don’t see a lot of stars, because sun bearly goes down. Yesterday I could see milky way from 00:30-03:00 AM then the sunset glow started to appear. That’s a bummer, because the best part of the milky way is at summer :)

This is single exposure image, I tried to edit it as it was when I was out there.

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Lõpuks oli selge öö ja reaalselt ka võimalus tegeleda öö fotograafiaga. Linnutee hooaeg hakkab vaikselt otsa saama kuna suht hilja läheb pimedaks ja väga vara hakkab tõusva päikese kuma tähti kustutama. Sellegi poolest üritan veel mõned korrad linnuteed pildistada enne jaanipäeva.

Spring storm

Spring storm from last year. One of my favorite beach.

That’s a last time I saw that kind of beautiful weather formation. This weekend there is a slight chance that we can trace some thunderstorms, but there is one problem, I don’t have a car any more, I have only bicycle :) Hopes are not exactly high :)

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Eelmise aasta kevade pilt Nõvalt. Ilus tormipilv, mis tõi kaasa üllatavalt korraliku lumekihi.

Special ones

Beautiful trees near coastline. White moss leads the way to those special trees. After rain there where hints of mushroom aroma. I love mushrooms, but we have to wait to august/september, before we can collect those beautiful chanterelles.

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Fotogeenilised männid :)

Sound Wave

I’m cleaning hard drive at moment and I found this image. I really like it, it is like sound wave, but I remember that this morning was really quiet. When you look this image I think You will see the silence in this image. I made this picture at 4 may 2013, 04:38 with my first dslr, Pentax K-r.

Have a nice Easter holiday.

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Limestone cliff details

Recently I have watched photography related videos about canyons. Here we don’t have canyons, Estonia is flat country, but we have limestone cliff. Thanks to these videos I was really motivated to photograph something similar. I know it is not even close, but still I really enjoyed these early mornings by myself ,figuring out compositions etc. Similar images would look much nicer with early sunrise colors. Some ideas remained for the next time.
But yeah, I would love to travel to Utah, Zion National Park in autumn.

This picture is 10 images focus stack, so lots of details.

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Pankranniku detailid. Sarnase stiiliga üritan see aasta oluliselt rohkem tegeleda, ideid on palju, aga tuleb ka vastavad kohad leida, sest et ei ole kindel kas need ka eksisteerivad Eestis :)

Morning colors

Morning colors at rocky beach. I really love sunrise colors more than sunset. Sunrise is more like hazy, subtle, elegant and usually pink. And 99% of time, I’m the only one out there :)

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Ka päikesetõusu ajal saab huvitavaid värve mereääres pildile püüda. Kuigi järjest raskemaks läheb, sest päike tõuseb ikka suhteliselt vara juba. Päris huvitavad on ka need punased pritsmed. On mida järgmine kord oodata või otsida.


Sorry for not posting images quite a long time. I’m busy preparing my Scotland trip. Still lot to do, but can’t wait to go already :)

Story about this image is short. We where waiting auroras at beach, but unfortunately activity dropped when sun was going down. But the afterglow was really nice. And through luck I managed to photograph Iridium flash, you can see it at left side corner. Small, but still cool :)

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Päris pikk paus tuli sisse piltide jagamisega. Hetkel olen hõivatud olnud Šotimaa fotoreisi planeerimisega, edaspidi vast on rohkem aega, et otsida huvitavaid hetki loodusest.

Tahtsime virmalisi pildistada, aga kahjuks aktiivsus langes sama kiiresti kui päike. Sellegi poolest väga mõnus õhtu mereääres. Õrnalt on näha ka Iridiumi satelliidi sähvatust üleval vasakus nurgas.

Stepping stones

Stepping stones with obstacles, like everyday life.

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Rändrahnud, kuum teema. Kuid ilma nendeta ei kujutaks ette mere äärseid alasid.

Colors at night

Yess, finally we had clear skys and some Aurora borealis :) It was really bad season so far, when there where northern lights then the sky was overcast usually. So I hope this is start for an interesting night photography season.

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Lõpuks õnnestus ka virmalisi näha, loodan, et see on hea algus huvitavale öö fotograafia hooajale.

Frost bites

Couple weeks old image. Modest attempt to visit the bogs more, as promised. Beautiful tree in Valgejärve bog.

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Valgejärve raba.

Short-toed Treecreeper, Aedporr (Certhia brachydactyla)

Very well camouflaged bird. This bird always starts to search food from bottom to up and he doesn’t bothers if you get close to him. He loves pine trees.

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Aedporr (Certhia brachydactyla)

Väga hästi maskeerunud lind. Teda võib kohata enamasti männipuude peal. Ta alustab toidu otsinguid alati maapinna lähedalt ja liigub ülesse.

Finter remnants

Spring is coming, so last change to photograph winter scenes :)

Edit: It is funny how the scheduled post just doesn’t work. Couple days ago I was sure that spring is here, but today actually it is quite cold and snowy outside. So, who knows how long this winter lasts.

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Viimased talve pildid tundub, ilmad on ikka väga kevade moodi juba.

Edit: See on ikka suht naljakas, kuidas etteplaneeritud postitused ei tööta. Paar päeva tagasi olin kindel, et kevad on käes, aga hetkel aknast välja vaadates on nagu talve küll veel :)

Dipper, Vesipapp (Cinclus cinclus)


This post contains 2 images and short video.

Dipper is funny bird and one of the few ones who can dive and use wings under water, this bird loves cold water. I had the change to watch this bird in action for about 6 hour in two days. I would love to be there more, but as I say some times, day job interferes privacy life :)

I discovered that three Dippers are living in about one kilometers section of river. They know their territory. And each one of them are different. One is grumpy, second anxious and third is calm :) So yea, good find near home. When this post is published them I’m actually back there, hiding myself for hoping to see Kingfisher and some Dippers:)

This is probably one of the places where I will put up my bird hide, because I saw Kingfiser there. Kingfisher is quite rare here in Estonia, especially in winter, usually they migrate to south. It is estimated that here is from march to oktober about 50-300 nesting couple. This is third year where I’m trying to photograph this bird. So decent challenge :)

Tasub ikka aeg ajalt kolada lähiümbruse jõgede ääres. Õnnestus ka jäälindu näha, eks edaspidi tuleb palju aega veeta seal kui varje valmis saab :)

Long-tailed Tit, Sabatihane (Aegithalos caudatus)

Little snowball is doing some push ups :)

Whole weekend I spent to search wild animal trails, ecpecially Fox trails, but didn’t have any luck. But at least I had the opportunity to spend couple minutes with these little birds, there where about fifteen birds. In winter these birds stick together for safety, also they find food easier this way.

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Viimasel ajal on ikka päris tihti juhtunud, et satun kokku nende väikeste lindudega. Eemalt oli juba kuulda kuidas suure kisa saatel lähenevad :)

Tavaliselt on need parved jäänud 15 kuni 20 linnu kanti. Loodan ka edaspidi sattuda nendega kokku kui looduses uitan.

Great tit, Rasvatihane (Parus major)

Fun day in my bird hide that is located in my garden, but too bad that there weren’t that many different species.
Tomorrow is Estonia birthday, 99 years old. It means that we have long weekend. So I think I will celebrate this birthday in my bird hide :) Maybe I have the opportunity to see other birds also.

Frozen waterfall

Beautiful walk at Northern Estonia coastline. About this place, I have a lot of images ready in my head when I can start using my large format film camera :) If I can be that patient of course, usually I am not, so probably I will go there with my Pentax dslr, for scouting of course :)
The start of large format film camera building has changed me a bit. Now I always look details, that intimate images when I am in nature. I didn’t used to do that before. So yea, can’t wait to start using it.

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Jäätunud kosk Türisalul. Teel mereäärde tuli teha valik mitme erineva koha vahel. Kuna Türisalus olen vähe pildistanud siis riskisin ja otsustasin ikka sinna minna. Olen tulemusega isegi rahul. Kas Teile ka meeldib?

Follow the path

The sunset was happening actually to my right, but I couldn’t make image because there where a lot of airplane trails. I really love bogs, but some how I don’t have a lot of images from bogs. Propably I should visit more these gorgeous places.

More about Estonia click

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Mõnus jalutuskäik Hüpassaare rabas. Imeline loojang toimus pilti vaadates paremal pool, kuid lennukid suutsid oma jälje jätta taevasse. Õnneks see pilt meeldib mulle rohkem :) Loodan, et Teilegi.


The sequel to the previous post. Beautiful frosty morning. The reason why I love winter, but very rarely we can witness that kind of view.

I have two hobbies. One is nature photography and second is carpenter. I’m really excited to start building my self a 4 x 5 large format film camera. This camera would be perfect for these minimalistic landscape images. Hopefully I can start testing this camera in summer, because I want to master it in autumn :)

If You don’t know what is 4 x 5 film camera, then I recommend youtube vlog videos: BEN HORNE, ALAN BROCK

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Midagi lihtsat. Järg eelmisele postitusele, pilt on tehtud hommikul. Kahju, et kõik see sai otsa jälle. Ega pikka pidu nagunii poleks olnud, linnud ka juba laulavad kevade laulu. Las siis kevad tulla, selline talv ei paku eriti huvi :)

Moonlight Wonderland

I couldn’t decide which image I should publish, so I uploaded all four images. If you are watching this post with smartphone in wordpress reader then you probably see only one image. I recommend to type in
I really wanted to photograph the blood moon, but about half an hour before it started it actually ended. Because the cloud inversion. I hope next time I have more luck.
About me and my hobi, nature photography. When I was on the field waiting blood moon(about 3 am), all my co-workers enjoyed good time in spa hotel. There are times, when I think about, why I do this. I mean, I had the chance to enjoy good time with company costs, but I decided to be outside with -20C temperature and waiting blood moon…and I wasn’t alone I’m pretty sure that I saw a wolf there. Pretty scary…but I really like these images, so conclusion is that it is worth it :)

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Rakvere pakub ikka väga ilusaid vaateid. Soov oli verekuud pildistada, kuid pool tundi enne selle algust ilmusid pilved välja. Ehk on järgmine kord rohkem õnne.

At The Edge

Something different. I usually don’t make bw images, but at that night ( this monday) there where no colors due to lack of northern lights.
The snow is very bright because the almost full moon behind me.

One more thing. I’m really excited to start planning my photo trip to UK, again. Really beautiful country. This time I’m planning to visit Lake District National Park, Galloway Forest Park and of course Glencoe. So yeah, a lot to study and some shopping to do to upgrade my camping gear :)

If you know some beautiful places on this route. Feel free to share in comments. One more thing about Galloway Forest Park. Does some one know when the bluebells are blossoming? I think I will be in Galloway early may.

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Ei anna alla. Käin ikka piilumas mereääres, et kas virmalisi näeb või mitte. Kuna pilt on must valge siis järelikult ei ole õnnestunud öösel värve näha. Aga siiski, päris mõnus on hulkuda üksinda mereääres, Kaldast on võimalik ca 50m kaugusel kõndida, kuna vett ei ole. Järgmisest nädalast läheb pilve, eks siis tulevad ka virmalised.

Starry Night

Well, actually I was hoping to photograph the Aurora borealis, but it didn’t happen. Sky was clear, so I managed to make couple images from milky way.

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Virmalistega on see hooaeg ikka väga kehvasti. Kui on virmalised siis on taevas pilves või siis vastupidi. Vähemalt sai harjutada linnutee pildistamist. Meeldiv õhtu sellegi poolest :)

Icy Atmosphere

Patience in photography.
I think it’s now third year that I have visited this little forest near my parents home, but I have never done an image there. There where always something missing. I think not this time.
I was surprised that autumn leaves have still quite vibrant colors. But yeah, it is quite weird to photograph autumn colors in winter :)
For the second day in a row, here have fallen icy rain. All the trees are covered with quite thick ice. It is really beautiful to watch.

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Kannatlikkus fotograafias on oluline. Kolm aastat olen käinud aeg ajalt selles metsatukas, lootuses pilti teha , kuid alati on midagi puudu olnud. Ma usun, et seekord kõik klappis. Sügisel langenud lehed on endiselt ilusad värvilised ja nädalavahetusel sadanud jäävihm tekitas sellise mõnusalt jaheda atmosfääri. Kuid siiski ei olnud lihtne kompositsiooni paika saada. Päris pikalt ikka jalutasin statiivi ja kaameraga ümber selle puu :) Lõpuks otsustasin sellise võtte kasuks.

Icy road to loneliness

Well this is quite nice island for campng :)

From this picture it looks like we have decent winter, but actually it is probably the worst winter that I remember. That’s sad, because I like cold weather. Most normal persons are travelling to someplace warmer when here is quite gray weather, it seems that I have to travel to Norway or Lapland in winter to see snow :)

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Jäine teekond üksikule saarele. Seal oleks telkida täitsa tore. Pilti vaadates jääb mulje nagu oleks meil korralik talv. Kahju, et reaalsus on midagi muud.


I spent whole day in forest, the purpose of this was that I want to make more woodland images, My hopes where high, but this image is only one that catched my eye and it is not even image about forest :) So yeah, now I know why people are saying that woodland images are one of the most difficult theme.

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After sunset

Well it is not over when it is over.

After watching sunset I walked back to carpark. I was sure that this is it for today. No more images, but I was really surprised what I saw next. The moonrise at the same time when the sun was going down, and this beautiful pink glow. Composition is perfect (I think), different layers and tones. After watching images that I made that day, this was the only one that I didn’t delete.

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Järjekordne õppetund. Ei tasu alla anda kui päike on loojunud. Huvitavaid hetki võib ka hämaras tekkida. Ning nii ka läks seekord. Mul oli täiesti meelest läinud, et kuu tõuseb suht samal ajal kui päike loojub. Pildi mõttes oli parem hetk juba möödas aga siiski, see oli ainus pilt mis jäi tollest päevast alles. Minule väga meeldib. Kas Teile ka?

Winter scenery

Finally I had the chance to watch colors in sky and winter has also arrived.

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Lõpuks õnnestus värve näha taevas, ning üle väga pika aja sai ka maastiku pilti teha. Ülimõnus õhtupoolik Lohusalus.

Ohakalind, Goldfinch (Carduelis carduelis)

Northern Hemisphere parrot :)

Põhjapoolkera papagoi :)

Sabatihane, Long-tailed Tit (Aegithalos caudatus)

Little snowball.

Well, it’s been awhile since I wanted to photograph this bird. Today I managed to do so, but it’s not over yet, now I want a good quality image of this bird. That’s a real challenge.

Pikka aega olen soovinud pildistada Sabatihast, ning täna ka lõpuks õnnestus. Kirss tordil oli paksult lumine mets kuhu see väike lind sobis ideaalselt. Minu soovitus: Kui lähete jalutama kas või tuttavatele radadele siis tasub ikka kaamera kaasa võtta, kunagi ei või teada mis hetke tunnistajaks satute.

Sunset colors

Winter has arrived :) The golden rule with sunset or sunrise is that You should look back. I really like these colors.

Have a nice weekend.

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Päikeseloojangu ja päikesetõusu kuldne reegel on see, et tuleks vaadata ka selja taha. Mind köitsid need värvid, mida tekitas päikeseloojang. Loodan, et ka Teile meeldib :)

Ilusat jätkuvat nädalavahetust.

Põldvarblane, Tree Sparrow (Passer montanus)

One of the most common birds in Estonia, but rarely gets the chance to show off in front of the cameras. So I really wanted to photograph this bird. And he enjoyed it :)

Päris mitu päeva olen juba mõelnud, et tahaks varblast pildistada, kuna ei näe pilte temast just ülearu tihti. Kuid üllatuseks oli see, et too varblane hakkas ennast sirutama sedasi :) Pole varem sellist etteastet näinud :) Väga lõbus oli meil.

Vesipapp, Dipper (Cinclus cinclus)

Finally I found the Dipper. It was really funny to watch how this bird swam in the stream. It almost seemed like he enjoyed it, but actually he was looking something to eat.
Almost freezing water is no problem for him.

Vesipapp omas keskkonnas. Kauge külaline tuli Eesti talvituma, kuna siin on soojem, parem kliima :)

Urvalind, Redpoll (Carduelis flammea)

I heard Redpoll song from afar, but I did not expect that they are flying so close to me :) It seemed that they didn’t notice me, but when they saw me then the song got louder and louder :)

Selle talve esimene Urvalindude parv sai ka ära nähtud. Eemalt oli juba kuulda kuidas hirmus kõva laulu saatel lähenesid :) Ja laul läks veel valjemaks kui märkasid mind ca 5m kaugusel. Eks nad ehmatasid ära :)

Moonlight waterfall

Põhjatihane, Willow Tit (Parus montanus)

Beautiful bird with really gorgeous background.

Õige lind õige taustaga. Üks lemmikuid lindude pilte :)

Sinitihane, Blue tit (Parus caeruleus)

Finally I had the opportunity to photograph Blue tit. It is really beautiful bird, but some how this bird reminds me sci-fi movie called Alien :)

Lõpuks õnnestus ka Sinitihast pildistada. Mingil kummalisel põhjusel meenutab see lind mulle ühte filmi mille nimeks siis Alien :)

Stormy weather

Weather forecast warned about strong winds, cat 1. So I thought it will be beautiful day to walk at beach, I like that kind of weather. I must say, that the winds was really strong and it was a really hard to capture images :) So sorry about that littlebit blurry image. This image will show quite well what kind of weather we have right now from autumn. It is almost black and white image, but yea, hope to see some colors as soon as possible :)

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Tormise ilmaga on ikka hea jalutada mereääres, tavaliselt olen üksinda olnud, pole teisi “hullu” näinud :) See pilt illustreerib suht hästi viimase aja ilmastikuolusid. Peaaegu, et must valge pilt. Tahaks värve küll juba näha. Aga oleksin õnnelik ka lume üle :)

Day with small birds

Nice day in bird hide. Actually I saw 5 different kinds of birds, but I could not make decent picture of Blue tit. I hope I have better luck next time. Photographing small birds is quite stressfull, but still I think it is the best way to not to think about everyday problems. So yeah, can’t wait to go back :)

So here are the the main characters :)

Willow Tit, Põhjatihane, Parus montanus

Nuthatch, Puukoristaja, Sitta europaea

Great Tit, Rasvatihane, Parus major

Greenfinch, Rohevint, Carduelis chloris

Aedporr, Short-toed Treecreeper (Certhia brachydactyla)

Frozen Land

My favorite season, winter. I love it.


Great Tit, Rasvatihane (Parus major)

Crested Tit, Tutt-tihane (Lophophanes cristatus)

Last autumn colors

Beautiful find near Olustvere. Last autumn colors. Next grey and wet winter. I really hope that weather forecast is telling the truth about snowy and cold winter that is coming. I would really like it :)

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Ilus leid Olustvere lähedal. Kahjuks värvid looduses hakkavad lõppema. Loodan, et talv tuleb lumine ja jahe mitte märg ja soe.

Last Journey


Beautiful Estonian coastline. If sunset will not happen then long exposure might give some interesting shots :)

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Eesti rannad on ikka ilusad. Seda pihlakat nägin juba mitu nädalat tagasi. Tookord ma ei teinud pilti, kuna loojang ei sobinud. Seekord minu meelest toimib väga hästi.

The Backyard

On our way to Ben Nevis, the highest mountain in Great Britain (1343 m).

Teel Suurbritannia kõige kõrgemat mäge vallutama, Ben Nevis (1343 m).

Tea break

Tea break under the night sky.

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Üks vanem pilt. Tee paus linnutee all.

Golden hour

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