I just wanted to let You know that I haven’t giving up. The weather is just grey and flat. It is not inspirening to take images at moment. I can still do some scouting though. Maybe we can see the light finally. Northern hemisphare pleasures.


Mysterious forest

I love when forests are covered with thick fog, I wish it could be every morning :) Autumn is coming, foggy mornings would be really nice. It would give that separation what is needed in woodland photography.

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Kui vaid iga hommik oleks selline. Siis oleks lust käija hommikuti metsas kondamas. Sellised hetked on toredad.

The Light

Mystical foggy morning at the pine forest. Little baby steps to improve my woodland photography vision. It’s really hard to “see” the image in forest. Usually here the conditions are quite dull to take images in forest, but this morning the conditions where impressive.

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Udused hommikud on ikka üli mõnusad. Ideaalis tahaks rohkem jagada Teiega pilte mis on metsas tehtud, aga minu poolne filter ei luba jagada neid :) Tean, et on võimalik paremini teha, aga see ei ole lihtne. Siin siis üks vähestest piltidest mida olen valmis siin jagama :)

Special ones

Beautiful trees near coastline. White moss leads the way to those special trees. After rain there where hints of mushroom aroma. I love mushrooms, but we have to wait to august/september, before we can collect those beautiful chanterelles.

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Fotogeenilised männid :)

Metsas, In woods

Talv saigi otsa. Jube kahju. Tundub, et sügis on uuesti tagasi tulnud.

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