Birds through lens

After 3.5 months, my telephoto lens from guarantee maintenance is back home. This lens had a long trip, Estonia-Germany-Japan-Estonia.
It was so good to photograph birds again. I have said it before, but my interest to nature photography started from photographing birds. Can’t wait to go again. I hope I made justice.
There is 8 images. I hope you see these nicely. My last theme had some issues if there where more than one image.

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Lõpuks sain teleobjektiivi garantiiremondist kätte, tervelt 3.5 kuud võttis aega. Aga tundub, et see oli seda väärt. Objektiiv on nats teravam küll. Edaspidi maastikupildid on plaan B :) Kuid kui ilma on siis ikka võtan ka lainurga kotist välja.

Põhjatihane, Willow Tit (Parus montanus)

Beautiful bird with really gorgeous background.

Õige lind õige taustaga. Üks lemmikuid lindude pilte :)

Day with small birds

Nice day in bird hide. Actually I saw 5 different kinds of birds, but I could not make decent picture of Blue tit. I hope I have better luck next time. Photographing small birds is quite stressfull, but still I think it is the best way to not to think about everyday problems. So yeah, can’t wait to go back :)

So here are the the main characters :)

Willow Tit, Põhjatihane, Parus montanus

Nuthatch, Puukoristaja, Sitta europaea

Great Tit, Rasvatihane, Parus major

Greenfinch, Rohevint, Carduelis chloris

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