Moonlight Wonderland

I couldn’t decide which image I should publish, so I uploaded all four images. If you are watching this post with smartphone in wordpress reader then you probably see only one image. I recommend to type in
I really wanted to photograph the blood moon, but about half an hour before it started it actually ended. Because the cloud inversion. I hope next time I have more luck.
About me and my hobi, nature photography. When I was on the field waiting blood moon(about 3 am), all my co-workers enjoyed good time in spa hotel. There are times, when I think about, why I do this. I mean, I had the chance to enjoy good time with company costs, but I decided to be outside with -20C temperature and waiting blood moon…and I wasn’t alone I’m pretty sure that I saw a wolf there. Pretty scary…but I really like these images, so conclusion is that it is worth it :)

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Rakvere pakub ikka väga ilusaid vaateid. Soov oli verekuud pildistada, kuid pool tundi enne selle algust ilmusid pilved välja. Ehk on järgmine kord rohkem õnne.

At Night

This is last Noctilucent clouds picture from that night :)

Less is more, I hope. Minimalist interpretation of this wonderful night at Nõva beach.

Old house and Milky Way

Milky Way is coming, but in north we have also summer break, when we don’t see milky way because sun is too high in horizon . Next time to shoot milky way is at august.
This picture is very special for me, because when I was waiting milky way the Ural Owl visited me. He landed on my camera. How cool is that. It really made my day :) We stared at one another about half a minute the he flyed away.

Lõpuks linnutee on nähtud, kuid kahjuks ööd on niivõrd valged, et linnutee on ikka väga lahjalt näha. Järgmine kord lähen linnuteed pildistama alles augusti lõpus kahjuks, siis on ööd pimedamad. Varem lihtsalt ei näe.
Kuid see pilt on väga eriline minu jaoks. Päris mõnus emotsioon oli kui nägin, et Händkakk maandus kaamera peal, vaatasime tõtt umbes pool minutit ning siis lendas ära. See oli võimas elamus.
Just selliste hetkede pärast mulle meeldib väga loodusfotograafia.

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