Sound Wave

I’m cleaning hard drive at moment and I found this image. I really like it, it is like sound wave, but I remember that this morning was really quiet. When you look this image I think You will see the silence in this image. I made this picture at 4 may 2013, 04:38 with my first dslr, Pentax K-r.

Have a nice Easter holiday.

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Frozen Land

My favorite season, winter. I love it.

Moon reflection

Saaga jätkub.
Käisin jälle maal Jäälindu otsimas. Järjekordselt ei näinud teda. Seega hoidsin tuju üleval muude teemadega.
Nagu pealkirjas mainitud on see kuu peegeldus, ehk siis Navesti jõge pildistasin :)

I tried to take pictures of the kingfisher for several years, but have so far failed. I’ve seen her in the river. Just yesterday, a reliable source told me that she is fishing again on the river. To keep spirits up, I took pictures of the river. I saw reflection of the moon on the river. It seemed an interesting combination.

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