This is funny how things turn out. I went to Scotland to photograph fog inversioon up in mountain, but it didn’t happen. Instead I had the chance to see fog inversioon here in Estonia, but we don’t have mountains :) The highest vantage point here is children’s winter slide hill. I think, for this time, it was high enough.

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Udu invasioon.

Alles hiljuti reisin Šotimaale, et näha sellist momenti, kuid ei olnud udu invasiooni. See eest õnnestus mõned pildid teha nüüd Eestis. See ei ole drooni pilt, vaid ronisin laste liumäe otsa :) Mõnikord piisab ka sellest.

I’m back

And alive, I mean, I feel like I am alive :) I really needed that kind of vacation. Although I have to give some blood samples because I found three ticks on my hands, so fingers crossed :)

The weather was really wierd, even village shopkeepers told that it is wierd that weather is so warm and blue skies. So weather wasn’t perfect for photographing, but hey, still better then rain right.

Now I have to do a lot of sorting and editing before I can upload images, but I’m pretty sure that I got couple images that i really like. So thank You Northern UK and Scotland for this stunning landscapes :)

One more thing, and that’s important, if You are looking place to stay at Manchester then I highly reccomend Gatley Homestay. Very lovely place to stay, perfect.

Have a nice weekend my friends!

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This weekend I was in forests to search details of autumn. This picture is almost exact vision that was ready in my head before I went to forest for weekend. It is not perfect, but I am really happy that I found it. I will keep searching, but the autumn colors are starting to disappear really quickly.

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Nädalavahetusel otsisin sügise detaile. See pilt on peaaegu selline, mis on juba mitu kuud minul peas valmis olnud, kuid jah, kahjuks udu ei olnud. Loodan, et sügise värvid veel kestavad, sooviks järgmise nädalavahetus jälle metsas veeta.


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