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Happy holidays and have a wonderful new year eve.

Better late then never :)

The weather has been quite bad lately. Thankfully we had white Christmas for a really long time now, but the snow is melting as fast as it came.

The images aren’t that joyful to watch, maybe a littlebit depressing. These two images are not black and white. Thats all the color we have at moment :)

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Do you see the tiny person under the rainbow? Really lovely landscape is in Norway.

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Võimas maastik on Norras. Üldiselt peale vihma on oodata ilusat valgust. Sedasi seekord ka läks :)

Lofoten, Norway

One moody image from Norway.
It wasn’t the highest climb that I have done, but definitely it was scary. Muddy and slippery.

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Üks sünge pilt Norrast. Ma tean, jõulude ajal võiksid rõõmsamad pildid olla, aga mis teha. Hetkel ei ole selliseid :)

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