Halltsiitsitaja, Corn bunting, Miliaria calandra

Lovely bird in Lake Districts. I was on my way to Haystacks cumbria when I saw mountain lake. It was perfect place to have a meal and a hot coffee. Later I found out that it is also very good place to photograph this beautiful bird.
I really like the background, it is like painting. Behind this bird there was a cliff and the colors come from reflected light. The light source was sunset colors.
it was getting dark, so I decidede to camp near this lake where I got one of my favorite bird images. It was right decision to take my telephoto lens to this trip. Although it is way too heavy to hike on mountains. But I don’t regret :)

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Moonlight Wonderland

I couldn’t decide which image I should publish, so I uploaded all four images. If you are watching this post with smartphone in wordpress reader then you probably see only one image. I recommend to type in hetkedloodusest.com
I really wanted to photograph the blood moon, but about half an hour before it started it actually ended. Because the cloud inversion. I hope next time I have more luck.
About me and my hobi, nature photography. When I was on the field waiting blood moon(about 3 am), all my co-workers enjoyed good time in spa hotel. There are times, when I think about, why I do this. I mean, I had the chance to enjoy good time with company costs, but I decided to be outside with -20C temperature and waiting blood moon…and I wasn’t alone I’m pretty sure that I saw a wolf there. Pretty scary…but I really like these images, so conclusion is that it is worth it :)

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Rakvere pakub ikka väga ilusaid vaateid. Soov oli verekuud pildistada, kuid pool tundi enne selle algust ilmusid pilved välja. Ehk on järgmine kord rohkem õnne.

Icy Atmosphere

Patience in photography.
I think it’s now third year that I have visited this little forest near my parents home, but I have never done an image there. There where always something missing. I think not this time.
I was surprised that autumn leaves have still quite vibrant colors. But yeah, it is quite weird to photograph autumn colors in winter :)
For the second day in a row, here have fallen icy rain. All the trees are covered with quite thick ice. It is really beautiful to watch.

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Kannatlikkus fotograafias on oluline. Kolm aastat olen käinud aeg ajalt selles metsatukas, lootuses pilti teha , kuid alati on midagi puudu olnud. Ma usun, et seekord kõik klappis. Sügisel langenud lehed on endiselt ilusad värvilised ja nädalavahetusel sadanud jäävihm tekitas sellise mõnusalt jaheda atmosfääri. Kuid siiski ei olnud lihtne kompositsiooni paika saada. Päris pikalt ikka jalutasin statiivi ja kaameraga ümber selle puu :) Lõpuks otsustasin sellise võtte kasuks.

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