The last autumn colors here in Estonia. I saw this beautiful single tree on the field when I went to my country home. The fog and this tree is just perfect combination. I love it :)

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Võib vist öelda, et viimased võimalused sügisvärve nautida. Minul on väga hea meel, et selle üksiku puu leidsin viimasel hetkel ning just ilusa paksu uduga. Mõnus pilt.

The Marmor Castle

Details about marmor castle.
The river is surrounded by marmor. One of the beautiful places where I have been. But same time, it is one of the hardest places to take images. If the light is good then it is possible to take wide angle shot, but there is also endless possibilitys to take close up images.
This is one of the places where I have to go back. Something is bothering me about this place. I know I can do better. Or I just want to be there again.

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Marmorist “lossi” detailid. Üli vinge koht, kus lihtsalt ringi uudistada ja otsida tuttavaid motiive. Sellel pildil mina näen linnu tiiba. Mida Sina näed?

Flowing woodland

Three days of hiking in nature for search the older woodlands, we did find something, but we have to keep searching. It is not quite that forest that I want to photograph. Another thing that we saw, was fresh bear tracks. Just in case in front of my camera I had longer telephoto lens, but we didn’t saw these tracks owner. Maybe next time.

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Kolm päeva matkamist, et leida põlismetsa sarnast metsa. Päris sellist ei leidnud mida otsima läksin, aga siiski hea algus. Küll aga nägime värskeid karu jälgi, mis pani iga puu praksumise peale pead keerama suunas kus kohast see hääl tuli. Igaks juhuks keerasin kaamera ette pikema objektiivi, et ehk kohtume, aga seekord jälgedeks need siiski jäid. Järgmine pikem matk juba planeerimises. Ei anna alla :)

Blog birthday

Today my blog got 6 years old :) When I purchased my first camera I really wanted to have a web page, although I knew that it would be quite hard to gaine traffic here. For a lot of people the Facebook is so called life :)

I just wanted to let you know that without You, I probably wouldn’t have had that kind of motivation to explore nature so often. My main goal is just to show You Estonian better side, the nature. I really appreciate all your likes and comments. As always constructive criticism is more than welcome, this is shortcut to improve my images.

Thank You and have a nice weekend :)

This image is self portrait, single exposure.

Täna on minu blogil sünnipäev. Juba kuue aastane. Ilusat nädalavahetust Teile :)

Tutt-tihane, Crested Tit ( Parus cristatus )

I have been chasing this bird for 3 years. Finally I managed to get an image. Really beautiful bird.

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Umbes kolm aastat olen seda lindu taga ajanud. Küll panin kodus varje püsti või käisin metsades teda otsimas. Näha õnnestus seda lindu küll, aga pilti ei õnnestunud teha. See lind on lihtsalt väga kiire. Pikalt ühe koha peal ei möluta.

Tänud Tarmo. Ikka väga hea supiköögi oled püsti pannud :)

Birds through lens

After 3.5 months, my telephoto lens from guarantee maintenance is back home. This lens had a long trip, Estonia-Germany-Japan-Estonia.
It was so good to photograph birds again. I have said it before, but my interest to nature photography started from photographing birds. Can’t wait to go again. I hope I made justice.
There is 8 images. I hope you see these nicely. My last theme had some issues if there where more than one image.

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Lõpuks sain teleobjektiivi garantiiremondist kätte, tervelt 3.5 kuud võttis aega. Aga tundub, et see oli seda väärt. Objektiiv on nats teravam küll. Edaspidi maastikupildid on plaan B :) Kuid kui ilma on siis ikka võtan ka lainurga kotist välja.

Frosty morning

Yess, the winter is coming. I love winter and I really love this image. The sunrise made this image. I have seen a lot of images where sunrise lighten mountain tops, but we don’t have mountains so I thought I should try same thing with trees.

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Talv ei ole enam kaugel. Ehk tuleb see hooaeg lumisem kui tavaliselt. See pilt sai tehtud Soomaal, pühapäeva hommikul. Järjekordse suurvee ajal ei saanud Soomaad külastada kahjuks. Eks siis tuleb teiste fotograafide pilte imetleda.

Päris pikalt olen tahtnud sarnast pilti saada, kus päikesetõus valgustab puude latvu. Nüüd on see olemas koos härmatisega :)

The Bokeh

I went to photograph autumn colors, but at the end I spent most of my time with this mushroom. This image contains 5 images for focus stack. Macro lens has really shallow depth of field.

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Võluseen kaberneeme oja kõrval.

The Morning

Yesterday I did a small camping trip near a beautiful lake. Main reason I went to camping was to photograph falling stars (Persicides). But, secretly I hoped that maybe I might see some special moments when I wake up. I really hoped that this lake is covered with fog, and it was :)
Bad sleep was forgotten instantly ( wild animals were too curious ). And lots of energy was recovered to go to work. I might do that again.

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Eile hommikul telgist välja kobides ei oleks uskunud, et selline vaade tervitab mind. Kuigi ma sisimas lootsin, et ehk on udu järve peal. Kehvasti magatud öö oli kohe unustatud ( erinevad metsloomad olid uudishimulikud ).

Blue Sky

Beautiful dark ominous stormy clouds at Scotland hills. The foreground and the clouds are illuminated by sunset light. Lots of negative space, but I like it. This image would look nice at wall :)

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Vahelduseks üks pilt Šotimaalt. Päikeseloojangu valgus muudab tormipilve ikka päris hirmuäratavaks. Kahjuks torm jäi tulemata, oleks saanud ikka väga huvitavaid dramaatilisi pilte.

Dipper, Vesipapp (Cinclus cinclus)


This post contains 2 images and short video.

Dipper is funny bird and one of the few ones who can dive and use wings under water, this bird loves cold water. I had the change to watch this bird in action for about 6 hour in two days. I would love to be there more, but as I say some times, day job interferes privacy life :)

I discovered that three Dippers are living in about one kilometers section of river. They know their territory. And each one of them are different. One is grumpy, second anxious and third is calm :) So yea, good find near home. When this post is published them I’m actually back there, hiding myself for hoping to see Kingfisher and some Dippers:)

This is probably one of the places where I will put up my bird hide, because I saw Kingfiser there. Kingfisher is quite rare here in Estonia, especially in winter, usually they migrate to south. It is estimated that here is from march to oktober about 50-300 nesting couple. This is third year where I’m trying to photograph this bird. So decent challenge :)

Tasub ikka aeg ajalt kolada lähiümbruse jõgede ääres. Õnnestus ka jäälindu näha, eks edaspidi tuleb palju aega veeta seal kui varje valmis saab :)

Tea break

Tea break under the night sky.

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Üks vanem pilt. Tee paus linnutee all.

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