The ferns

Spring is here. It is so nice to discover new streams. The streams are bordered with ferns. If there wouldn’t be so much mosquitos, it would be perfect :)

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Hetkel on hea aeg käija metsades. Ojad on kaunistatud sõnajalgadega. Kui vaid neid sääski nii palju ei oleks :)

Milky sea

I’m editing my older images. This is from end of last year. The sea was quite rough, but with longer exposure it creates quite nice effect.

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Vaatasin vanu pilte üle. See suhteliselt monotoonsete värvidega pilt jäi silma. Tehtud sai see eelmise aasta lõpus Hiiumaal, Pentaxi talve päevade ajal. Head ajad :)

Blog birthday

Today my blog got 6 years old :) When I purchased my first camera I really wanted to have a web page, although I knew that it would be quite hard to gaine traffic here. For a lot of people the Facebook is so called life :)

I just wanted to let you know that without You, I probably wouldn’t have had that kind of motivation to explore nature so often. My main goal is just to show You Estonian better side, the nature. I really appreciate all your likes and comments. As always constructive criticism is more than welcome, this is shortcut to improve my images.

Thank You and have a nice weekend :)

This image is self portrait, single exposure.

Täna on minu blogil sünnipäev. Juba kuue aastane. Ilusat nädalavahetust Teile :)

The river spinner

Spinners are quite popular at moment. It was nice to see that nature created its own version of a spinner. It is surprisingly quite big. It was nice find.

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Spinnerid on hetkel üsna populaarsed. Tore oli näha looduse enda versiooni sellest. Päris huvitav vaatepilt oli :)

New Homepage theme

I’ve looked new homepage theme for over a year now. Last theme that I had, I didn’t liked how the blog page was designed. I prefer this theme style, at one row. It takes time to get used to it, but I hope that this is minor issue. There is still a lot to discover and fine tune with it, but i hope I can finish it with couple days. Meantime, have a nice weekend :)

This image is from this year trip to Scotland, I took this image near Malham, Yorkshire Dales National Park. I don’t remember exactly where this village was located. Sorry about that. But yeah, really beautiful scenery with this little village..

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Epic Failure

We had the perfect thunderstorm this weekend, and I was at wrong place, again :)

I was in central Estonia, waiting, but the storm went up to islands ( Saaremaa and Hiiumaa) by the sea and from there it came to land. When I realised that the storm won’t come diagonally through Estonia, like usually, I started driving to Haapsalu. But it’s quite a long drive. I new that this is it for me, no images.

When I arrived to beach near Haapsalu I saw really beautiful doomsday looking cloud that was already very close to me, it was too late to take image. literally I was late by 10 min for getting really good image. And the wind was getting stronger and stronger. My only option was to start driving to Tallinn, so I have any chance to get image.

But well, we all know that It is not possible to overtake thunderstorm on highway, so I just pulled over and captured this image. This is the result for driving over 400 km. I hope I have more luck next year.

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Loodusfotograafia on ikka stressirohke aeg-ajalt. Meeleheitlikult üritasin äikesetormist head pilti saada, kuid ebaõnnestusin täielikult. Head pilti küll ei saanud, kuid siiski oli üli lahe päev. Kilomeetreid kogunes üle 400 autoroolis, nägin meeletult palju pikselööke, pilve siseseid sähvatusi ja väga ilusat pagi pilve mille serva all siis see pilt õnnestus mälukaardile püüda.

Mõned kogemused jälle juures, et järgmine aasta uuesti üritada. Kannatust peab olema :)

Dalcairney Falls

Beautiful waterfall at Scotland, Dalcairney Falls. To bad that waterlevel was quite low, but still beautiful.

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Üli võimsad ja kenad on ikka Šotimaa kosed, kahju, et tol hetkel kui seal olin, oli Šotimaa kohta ikka erakordselt ilus suvi. Üks poe müüja ütles, et neil oli juba terve nädala päike paistnud :) See tõttu oli vett natukene vähe, et pildistada koskesid täies hiilguses.

Nägin ka oma silmaga seda, et kui ühe öö sajab vihma siis hommikuks on jõed ikka päris ohtlikud. See oli tore kogemus mida Eestist ei ole võimalik saada, kuna mägesid ei ole.


This is funny how things turn out. I went to Scotland to photograph fog inversioon up in mountain, but it didn’t happen. Instead I had the chance to see fog inversioon here in Estonia, but we don’t have mountains :) The highest vantage point here is children’s winter slide hill. I think, for this time, it was high enough.

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Udu invasioon.

Alles hiljuti reisin Šotimaale, et näha sellist momenti, kuid ei olnud udu invasiooni. See eest õnnestus mõned pildid teha nüüd Eestis. See ei ole drooni pilt, vaid ronisin laste liumäe otsa :) Mõnikord piisab ka sellest.

Stepping stones

Stepping stones with obstacles, like everyday life.

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Rändrahnud, kuum teema. Kuid ilma nendeta ei kujutaks ette mere äärseid alasid.

Finter remnants

Spring is coming, so last change to photograph winter scenes :)

Edit: It is funny how the scheduled post just doesn’t work. Couple days ago I was sure that spring is here, but today actually it is quite cold and snowy outside. So, who knows how long this winter lasts.

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Viimased talve pildid tundub, ilmad on ikka väga kevade moodi juba.

Edit: See on ikka suht naljakas, kuidas etteplaneeritud postitused ei tööta. Paar päeva tagasi olin kindel, et kevad on käes, aga hetkel aknast välja vaadates on nagu talve küll veel :)

Mystical Forest

I am a little embarrassed because I was in the wrong place when the moon began to rise. So I basically gave up, but before I went to home I checked my favorite place, hoping to get some images. I’m glad that I went there. The fog was really thick and beautiful. This forest like receiving energy from that full moon. But yeah, moon is not that big about two hours after moon rise.

This is two exposure image. One for moon (105mm) and one for everything else (53mm).

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Natukene piinlik. Läksin suur kuud vaatama, aga olin vales kohas :) Põhimõtteliselt olin loobunud, kuna kiiruga ei leidnud huvitavat maastikku kuu pildistamiseks. Õnneks enne koju minekut otsustasin korraks vaadata ka oma lemmik kohta (eelmine kuu pilt sai ka samas kohas tehtud) ning ei pidanud pettuma. Paks udu hakkas võimust võtma saades nagu energiat täiskuust. Väga kiiresti oli udu juba nii tihe, et kadusid silmapiirilt nii mets kui ka kuu ise. Mõnus kuid päris jahe õhtu.


Beautiful Estonian coastline. If sunset will not happen then long exposure might give some interesting shots :)

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Eesti rannad on ikka ilusad. Seda pihlakat nägin juba mitu nädalat tagasi. Tookord ma ei teinud pilti, kuna loojang ei sobinud. Seekord minu meelest toimib väga hästi.

The Cross

I wonder, Is there treasure under this cross. Should I go digging :)

Relaxing at the beach

My way to relax after working. Have a nice weekend to you my friends.

Minu viis lõõgastuda peale tööpäeva. Ilusat nädalavahetust Teile.

Rocky Beach

Discovering new places. Definitely will visit soon this place again. Possibly when Northern Lights are active.

Uute kohtade otsingul. Suurte lainetega võib see koht ikka väga huvitav olla.

Boulders Milkshake

Perfect storm. Big waves, but no wind. Still I was soaking wet after taking some pictures :) Thank god that Pentax has water resistant gear.

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Rändrahnude piimakokteil :)
Teisipäeva õhtul olin Suurupis. Esimest korda nägin tuulevaiksel õhtul pea kahemeetriseid laineid. Tavaliselt on suured lained koos tugeva tuulega. Kuivaks ei õnnestunud siiski jääda, õnneks Pentaxi fototehnika on veekindel. Päris uputada ei ole soovitatav aga vihm või mõni suurem laine ei tee midagi.

Lonely Boulder

What a sunset it was. This is probably the nr 1 so far.

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Uskumatu loojang. kindlalt esimesel kohal kõikidest loojangutest senimaani.

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