Birch trees

Birch trees from decayed coastal land. Erosion here in northern Estonia is quite rapid. With bigger storms it is quite dangerous to walk near limestone cliff, but with calm weather you can find quite nice compositions.

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Kasepuud on alla vandunud erosioonile. Päris ohtlik on ikka pankranniku servas pilte teha, eriti kui tead, et enamus kohtades on samblike all ainult tühjus. Kuid ikka tahaks kaamerat natukene ette poole nihutada, et saaks parema pildi. On see seda väärt? …ei.

Limestone cliff details

Recently I have watched photography related videos about canyons. Here we don’t have canyons, Estonia is flat country, but we have limestone cliff. Thanks to these videos I was really motivated to photograph something similar. I know it is not even close, but still I really enjoyed these early mornings by myself ,figuring out compositions etc. Similar images would look much nicer with early sunrise colors. Some ideas remained for the next time.
But yeah, I would love to travel to Utah, Zion National Park in autumn.

This picture is 10 images focus stack, so lots of details.

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Pankranniku detailid. Sarnase stiiliga üritan see aasta oluliselt rohkem tegeleda, ideid on palju, aga tuleb ka vastavad kohad leida, sest et ei ole kindel kas need ka eksisteerivad Eestis :)

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