This is funny how things turn out. I went to Scotland to photograph fog inversioon up in mountain, but it didn’t happen. Instead I had the chance to see fog inversioon here in Estonia, but we don’t have mountains :) The highest vantage point here is children’s winter slide hill. I think, for this time, it was high enough.

For Licensing!

Thank You for support!

Udu invasioon.

Alles hiljuti reisin Šotimaale, et näha sellist momenti, kuid ei olnud udu invasiooni. See eest õnnestus mõned pildid teha nüüd Eestis. See ei ole drooni pilt, vaid ronisin laste liumäe otsa :) Mõnikord piisab ka sellest.

The Cross

I wonder, Is there treasure under this cross. Should I go digging :)

Relaxing at the beach

My way to relax after working. Have a nice weekend to you my friends.

Minu viis lõõgastuda peale tööpäeva. Ilusat nädalavahetust Teile.

After storm

After stormy sea, but the waves where still quite high. I tried to be very careful, but at the end of the day I was still soaking wet. Also my camera was hit by couple big waves. Thankfully Pentax is weatherproof.

Peale tormi. Lained olid endiselt väga suured, mõnega õnnestus ka pihta saada, õnneks Pentaxi tehnika on ilmastikukindel.

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