Image from earlier this year. Finnish lapland.
The winter is coming. Hopefully it will be cold and a lot of snow. But just in case I’m going back to lapland in march. There is always a lot of snow in winter. And hopefully auroras too.

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Tali ei jää taeva. Keegi veel ootab lume rohket talve? Pilt on tehtud aasta alguses Lapimaal.

Lapland sunrise

I was hoping to see how the sunrise paints the mountains with pink color. Thankfully everything worked out fine at this morning.

Võimsad vaated on Lapimaal. Hommiku päike maalib mäed roosa valgusega. Ideaalne viis kuidas puhkust veeta :) Sügisel võib eriti ilus olla seal.

Northern Lights

Northern Lights from nowhere. That’s the beauty of visiting that far northern hemisphere. You don’t need much to see northern lights. Just small activity from sun.

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Virmalised ei kusagilt, Lapimaal. Tänud Karl, ilma sinu abita ei oleks me midagi näinud :D

Finland Lapland

Hi my friends,

I’m finally here. This place truely is a winter wonderland.

The snow is really deep, about 1m, it makes hiking a great challenge, but it is fun :) Stay tuned for future images. Today the main focus is for scouting, hopefully we will see some nice pink light at evening. If we are lucky, then maybe we will see some northern lights also.

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