New Homepage theme

I’ve looked new homepage theme for over a year now. Last theme that I had, I didn’t liked how the blog page was designed. I prefer this theme style, at one row. It takes time to get used to it, but I hope that this is minor issue. There is still a lot to discover and fine tune with it, but i hope I can finish it with couple days. Meantime, have a nice weekend :)

This image is from this year trip to Scotland, I took this image near Malham, Yorkshire Dales National Park. I don’t remember exactly where this village was located. Sorry about that. But yeah, really beautiful scenery with this little village..

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Nõukaaja pärand

Eile öösel oli ilus tähistaevas. Ei saanud võimalust kasutamatta jätta. Taamal paistab Järlepa.

Esimese pildi säriaeg: 903 sekundit (15,05min.)

Teise pildi säriaeg: 1868 sekundit. ( 31,13 min.)

Säriaeg on  fotograafias ajahetk, mille jooksul objektiivi läbinud valgus paistab fotoaparaadi sensorile. Ehk siis selle ajajooksul toimub pildi “tegemine” kaamera poolt.

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