Winter where are you!?

If we are lucky then we might get colder weather about in two months. From childhood, I remember that the winters were really cold with lots of snow. Now there is only a lot of water. Rivers are really wide from these rainy days.

This image is from last year.

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Kui hästi läheb siis ehk õnnestub juba paari kuu pärast merejääl pilte teha, seni tuleb vaadata eelmise aasta pilte.

Dipper, Vesipapp (Cinclus cinclus)


This post contains 2 images and short video.

Dipper is funny bird and one of the few ones who can dive and use wings under water, this bird loves cold water. I had the change to watch this bird in action for about 6 hour in two days. I would love to be there more, but as I say some times, day job interferes privacy life :)

I discovered that three Dippers are living in about one kilometers section of river. They know their territory. And each one of them are different. One is grumpy, second anxious and third is calm :) So yea, good find near home. When this post is published them I’m actually back there, hiding myself for hoping to see Kingfisher and some Dippers:)

This is probably one of the places where I will put up my bird hide, because I saw Kingfiser there. Kingfisher is quite rare here in Estonia, especially in winter, usually they migrate to south. It is estimated that here is from march to oktober about 50-300 nesting couple. This is third year where I’m trying to photograph this bird. So decent challenge :)

Tasub ikka aeg ajalt kolada lähiümbruse jõgede ääres. Õnnestus ka jäälindu näha, eks edaspidi tuleb palju aega veeta seal kui varje valmis saab :)

Follow the path

The sunset was happening actually to my right, but I couldn’t make image because there where a lot of airplane trails. I really love bogs, but some how I don’t have a lot of images from bogs. Propably I should visit more these gorgeous places.

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Mõnus jalutuskäik Hüpassaare rabas. Imeline loojang toimus pilti vaadates paremal pool, kuid lennukid suutsid oma jälje jätta taevasse. Õnneks see pilt meeldib mulle rohkem :) Loodan, et Teilegi.

Icy Atmosphere

Patience in photography.
I think it’s now third year that I have visited this little forest near my parents home, but I have never done an image there. There where always something missing. I think not this time.
I was surprised that autumn leaves have still quite vibrant colors. But yeah, it is quite weird to photograph autumn colors in winter :)
For the second day in a row, here have fallen icy rain. All the trees are covered with quite thick ice. It is really beautiful to watch.

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Kannatlikkus fotograafias on oluline. Kolm aastat olen käinud aeg ajalt selles metsatukas, lootuses pilti teha , kuid alati on midagi puudu olnud. Ma usun, et seekord kõik klappis. Sügisel langenud lehed on endiselt ilusad värvilised ja nädalavahetusel sadanud jäävihm tekitas sellise mõnusalt jaheda atmosfääri. Kuid siiski ei olnud lihtne kompositsiooni paika saada. Päris pikalt ikka jalutasin statiivi ja kaameraga ümber selle puu :) Lõpuks otsustasin sellise võtte kasuks.


I spent whole day in forest, the purpose of this was that I want to make more woodland images, My hopes where high, but this image is only one that catched my eye and it is not even image about forest :) So yeah, now I know why people are saying that woodland images are one of the most difficult theme.

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Jääteke, Ice is forming

Lõpuks hakkab jahedamaks minema. Oli ka aeg. Aastavahetuse kärale oli ikka väga mõnus olla mereääres ning lihtsalt puhata. Tuult ei olnud, lained olid minimaalsed. Ülim rahu ja vaikus, mõnus.

At last weather is turning colder. Some signs are that Ice is start to form.
After holidays it was pure pleasure to rest at sea. Sea was calm, no wind. Ideal. Tomorrow I will go back :)

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