Stormy weather

Weather forecast warned about strong winds, cat 1. So I thought it will be beautiful day to walk at beach, I like that kind of weather. I must say, that the winds was really strong and it was a really hard to capture images :) So sorry about that littlebit blurry image. This image will show quite well what kind of weather we have right now from autumn. It is almost black and white image, but yea, hope to see some colors as soon as possible :)

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Tormise ilmaga on ikka hea jalutada mereääres, tavaliselt olen üksinda olnud, pole teisi “hullu” näinud :) See pilt illustreerib suht hästi viimase aja ilmastikuolusid. Peaaegu, et must valge pilt. Tahaks värve küll juba näha. Aga oleksin õnnelik ka lume üle :)

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