orange cottage

It has been a while since last post.

So here is another beautiful scene in Norway, Lofoten. Highly photogenical cottage. I love the shape of the cottage and mountain.

For Licensing.

Thank you for support!

Pikalt oli vaikus siin. Lisan veel ühe majakese pildi Norrast, Lofootidel. Kui midagi muud ei leia esiplaanile siis selliseid väikseid majakesi saab alati sättida. Neid seal jagub :)

2 Comments on “orange cottage

  1. I like this shot too. As with a previous photo, the bright contrasting building(s) highlights the dark background and dark sky. Great eye.

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    • Thank You. Yeah the building location is just perfect. It was difficult to take this image. I had to be in a little pond that was full of carbage. Sacrifices had to made :)

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