Night Seascape

Noctilucent clouds have been really active this summer. I was camping in Juminda peninsula. The sky was clear, but the weather was really windy. I almost broke my leg, because these boulders was very slippery from the water. Images are not worth it, but I like this one.

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Helkivad ööpilved vaadatuna Juminda poolsaarelt. Jalutamine randa oli juba elamus omaette. Telkimisalalt mere äärde viib lühike tee, kummalgi poolel ülekasvanud muru ja võsa, kuid kaunistuseks helendavad jaanimardikad :)

2 Comments on “Night Seascape

    • Thank you Chuck. Yeah, these clouds are visible only at night time. The are actually water crystals that reflects sunlight back to earth. These are visible only in northern hemisphere.

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