Just a Fly

I’ve been busy with landscape photography, so I have completely forgotten my macro lens. It is weird that if you focus fully on one theme, then you won’t see ohter things around you, thats why I really miss oled times. Then there where no pressure. I just photographed everything. And I was happy with whatever I managed to photograph. I think I should take time off and use my macro lens more often. After autumn season :)

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4 Comments on “Just a Fly

    • Thank you Chuck. Yeah, this macro world is really out of this world. I know a lot of peoples who don’t want to see that kind of images. But for me it is really interesting to watch these small creatures through macro lens.


  1. The way you photograph it makes it so much more than ‘just a fly’. The way you have photographed it makes it look different than the flies we have here – the underside at the back looks quite different. Which is very possible living in different locations and climates. But I don’t have a macro lens to take a photo of one of our flies to compare.

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    • Thank you Jeni. I appreciate your feedback.
      It might be that. We have quite a lot different flies here. The most beautiful is metallik green one. But no luck with that so far.


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