Epic Failure

We had the perfect thunderstorm this weekend, and I was at wrong place, again :)

I was in central Estonia, waiting, but the storm went up to islands ( Saaremaa and Hiiumaa) by the sea and from there it came to land. When I realised that the storm won’t come diagonally through Estonia, like usually, I started driving to Haapsalu. But it’s quite a long drive. I new that this is it for me, no images.

When I arrived to beach near Haapsalu I saw really beautiful doomsday looking cloud that was already very close to me, it was too late to take image. literally I was late by 10 min for getting really good image. And the wind was getting stronger and stronger. My only option was to start driving to Tallinn, so I have any chance to get image.

But well, we all know that It is not possible to overtake thunderstorm on highway, so I just pulled over and captured this image. This is the result for driving over 400 km. I hope I have more luck next year.

For Licensing.


Thank you for support!

Loodusfotograafia on ikka stressirohke aeg-ajalt. Meeleheitlikult üritasin äikesetormist head pilti saada, kuid ebaõnnestusin täielikult. Head pilti küll ei saanud, kuid siiski oli üli lahe päev. Kilomeetreid kogunes üle 400 autoroolis, nägin meeletult palju pikselööke, pilve siseseid sähvatusi ja väga ilusat pagi pilve mille serva all siis see pilt õnnestus mälukaardile püüda.

Mõned kogemused jälle juures, et järgmine aasta uuesti üritada. Kannatust peab olema :)

11 Comments on “Epic Failure

  1. I think it was worth it. And it only took you one day to get it. And you did it by understanding the sky, which is not always an easy thing to do.
    I met someone who took an award winning photograph of San Diego from across the water. He got up each morning at about 4am until he had a scene where 1. The light was perfect. 2. The water was calm. 3. There were no construction cranes visible in the city (there is a lot of development going on in this city now) . 4. There were no boats on the water (it is a major harbor) . 5.There were no birds on the water. 6. There were no planes in the air (the airport is right by the city). 7. There were no birds in the air.
    It took him 4 1/2 years.
    None of his other photography is even half as good.
    You did good in 1 day and 400km and, you have many photos that are better.

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