Morning Magic

Morning magic with chamomile flowers. These flowers are well known as herbal medicine. Probably everyones grandmother used to dry up these flowers to make nice warm tea with honey here in ex Soviet countries.

To bad that I’m not the morning person. The nature is just absolutely stunning at mornings, the fog and calmness with rising sun. Perfect way to start the morning.

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Jube kahju, et ma ei ole hommiku inimene. Päris paljud väga head hetked jäävad nägemata kuna uni on lihtsalt nii hea :). Aga õnneks see nädalavahetus õnnestus hommikud veeta looduses ning oodata päikesetõusu. Ei pidanud pettuma, paks udu orgudes ja tõusev päike andsid ikka kuhjaga energiat, et üks töine töönädal üle elada. Soovitan ka Teil ohverdada mõned hommikud selle nimel :)

2 Comments on “Morning Magic

  1. Urmo, this is one of my favourites, I always come back to it… I guess you did use a flash for the camomille flowers? The effect is very nice, creating a foreground in the dark… greetings from Germany, lilisar

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    • Thank you Iilisar. I’m glad you like this image. Thats right, I used flaslight for the flowers for these to be the first thing that eye sees. And there also focus stack for background.


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