I really love images like this. There is a saying “The eye is resting” for things that are peaceful, harmony or just beautiful. I have stared this image for two weeks now, but I couldn’t decide whitch way to go with this image. I think that black and white is the one. I hope you also like this image.
I hope that this weekend our outdoor kitchen, resting area will be ready and I can start shooting some images again. I haven’t shoot any image for two weeks already. I have this feeling that something is missing. So yeah, can’t wait to take my photo gear to natuure again.

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Must valged pildid ei ole eriti populaarsed, aga aeg ajalt on tore lasta silmadel puhata värvi kirevates maastikuvaadetest. Järjekordselt tuleb tänada udu invasiooni, tänu millele oli see hetk huvitav koos pilvede saabumisega. Natukene isegi harmooniline.
Kaks noort kasepuud seisavad vapralt tumedate pilvede saabumisele vastu, mitte, et neil oleks võimalust põgeneda…eks aegajalt tuleb ka meil seista vastu sarnastele momentidele, metafoorilises mõttes.

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