Alone in elements

Beautiful landscape in Scotland hills, but It was quite difficult to find something to photograph with this beautiful sunset. I didn’t plan anything for that day, but thakfully, at last moment I found this tree.

Actually it’s quite hard work to shoot nature images. You just never know when or if there will be something beautiful to photograph. Usually there isn’t. A lot of times I have deleted images when seeing these in bigger screen.

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Üksi ilmastiku tingimustes.

Selle pildi saamine oli ikka paras vedamine. Viimasel hetkel leidsin selle puu, kuid enne seda tuli ikka korralikult sprintida Šotimaa mägedes raske seljakotiga. Nii mõnigi kord on päris keeruline see loodusfotograafia. Pildid mida me avaldama on küll ilusad ja värvilised, aga tegelikult mis toimub kaadri taga on päris tihti ikka väga pingelised.

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