Lost in fog

Well, I wasn’t actually lost in fog, but the fog was really thick. I knew where this tree was, but because the thick fog, it took about 20 min to find it. And I parked my car about 200m from this tree :)

But the view was just absolutly stunning. This single tree, dandelions and glow after sunset immersed in fog.

First time when I saw this tree I knew that I have to come back when conditions are foggy, this image was ready in my head already. I love it when plan comes together :)

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Kui ma esimest korda nägin seda puud, siis lubasin endale, et ei tule enne kaameraga tagasi kui on paks udu ja see udu pidi tulema enne kui niidetakse see põld ära. On ikka heameel küll, et varem tagasi ei läinud. Udu teeb sellest puust ja maastikust just sellise pildi, mis oli minul peas valmis juba esimesest kohtumisest. Kui vaid oleks ka edaspidi nii palju kannatust, siis saaks ikka oma hobi hoopis teisele tasemele viia :) Loodan, et ka Teile meeldib see pilt.

10 Comments on “Lost in fog

  1. Beautiful! Have you seen Pride and Prejudice – the film version? There is a fantastic shot of a tree that I love. Yours is better though!

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