The View

Quite nice view from tent. I really hoped to photograph the cloud/fog invasion, but unfortunately this is the best image I managed to capture. So, lots of ideas for next trip to Scotland.

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Päris kena vaade telgist. Üks peamisi põhjuseid miks tagasi läksin Šotimaale oli just udu invasiooni pildistamine. Seekord õnnestus midagi juba näha aga siiski natukene vähe. Ehk järgmine kord on rohkem õnne.

6 Comments on “The View

  1. I love your ability to capture the golds in many of your pictures. So enriching. Do you use a filter to capture these hues? BTW-great picture.

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    • Thank you Chuck. Yes I use filters. I have some LEE nd grads and B&W circular polaraizer filter. If I can’t use filters then sometimes I bracket images. Usually 1.5 stop different and three images.

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