Spring storm

Spring storm from last year. One of my favorite beach.

That’s a last time I saw that kind of beautiful weather formation. This weekend there is a slight chance that we can trace some thunderstorms, but there is one problem, I don’t have a car any more, I have only bicycle :) Hopes are not exactly high :)

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Eelmise aasta kevade pilt Nõvalt. Ilus tormipilv, mis tõi kaasa üllatavalt korraliku lumekihi.

6 Comments on “Spring storm

  1. I am using this one for my new blog. Of course I will give you credit and link it to this site. You are a true artist. Don’t stop. Hugs.

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    • Thankfully thunderstorm here are a lot smaller then in US.
      Well, will see, I think this storm will be in southern Estonia. Probably I woun’t see it. I live in northern Estonia.


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