Morning colors

Morning colors at rocky beach. I really love sunrise colors more than sunset. Sunrise is more like hazy, subtle, elegant and usually pink. And 99% of time, I’m the only one out there :)

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Ka päikesetõusu ajal saab huvitavaid värve mereääres pildile püüda. Kuigi järjest raskemaks läheb, sest päike tõuseb ikka suhteliselt vara juba. Päris huvitavad on ka need punased pritsmed. On mida järgmine kord oodata või otsida.

5 Comments on “Morning colors

  1. Yes, timing is everything, and then there is lucky timing. I also prefer dawns – especially in the desert – the air is cooler and has more moisture so more likely to have clouds to look pretty.

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  2. So gorgeous. Your photos are always beautiful. I love sunrises too and they are spectacular over the Rockies as I know they are when viewing them over the sea as well.

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