Sorry for not posting images quite a long time. I’m busy preparing my Scotland trip. Still lot to do, but can’t wait to go already :)

Story about this image is short. We where waiting auroras at beach, but unfortunately activity dropped when sun was going down. But the afterglow was really nice. And through luck I managed to photograph Iridium flash, you can see it at left side corner. Small, but still cool :)

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Päris pikk paus tuli sisse piltide jagamisega. Hetkel olen hõivatud olnud Šotimaa fotoreisi planeerimisega, edaspidi vast on rohkem aega, et otsida huvitavaid hetki loodusest.

Tahtsime virmalisi pildistada, aga kahjuks aktiivsus langes sama kiiresti kui päike. Sellegi poolest väga mõnus õhtu mereääres. Õrnalt on näha ka Iridiumi satelliidi sähvatust üleval vasakus nurgas.

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