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The sunset was happening actually to my right, but I couldn’t make image because there where a lot of airplane trails. I really love bogs, but some how I don’t have a lot of images from bogs. Propably I should visit more these gorgeous places.

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Mõnus jalutuskäik Hüpassaare rabas. Imeline loojang toimus pilti vaadates paremal pool, kuid lennukid suutsid oma jälje jätta taevasse. Õnneks see pilt meeldib mulle rohkem :) Loodan, et Teilegi.

13 Comments on “Follow the path

    • Hi Ustome! Experience I guess. I have tried to catch that next wow effect image about five years now. The technical aspect is easy, youtube has great videos about that. But to see image is quite difficult. If You like this hobby, then You just have to improve Your skills. It will take some time, but You will get that image that You are happy. And I’m not saying that I’m good at this, but I really hope to improve my vision step by step also.

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      • I think you are great at it! You take really beautiful and interesting pictures. There is a real clarity to them and yet they seem almost ‘other worldly’ too. I will keep working on it!


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