The sequel to the previous post. Beautiful frosty morning. The reason why I love winter, but very rarely we can witness that kind of view.

I have two hobbies. One is nature photography and second is carpenter. I’m really excited to start building my self a 4 x 5 large format film camera. This camera would be perfect for these minimalistic landscape images. Hopefully I can start testing this camera in summer, because I want to master it in autumn :)

If You don’t know what is 4 x 5 film camera, then I recommend youtube vlog videos: BEN HORNE, ALAN BROCK

For licensing:

Thank You for support!

Midagi lihtsat. Järg eelmisele postitusele, pilt on tehtud hommikul. Kahju, et kõik see sai otsa jälle. Ega pikka pidu nagunii poleks olnud, linnud ka juba laulavad kevade laulu. Las siis kevad tulla, selline talv ei paku eriti huvi :)

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