Moonlight Wonderland

I couldn’t decide which image I should publish, so I uploaded all four images. If you are watching this post with smartphone in wordpress reader then you probably see only one image. I recommend to type in
I really wanted to photograph the blood moon, but about half an hour before it started it actually ended. Because the cloud inversion. I hope next time I have more luck.
About me and my hobi, nature photography. When I was on the field waiting blood moon(about 3 am), all my co-workers enjoyed good time in spa hotel. There are times, when I think about, why I do this. I mean, I had the chance to enjoy good time with company costs, but I decided to be outside with -20C temperature and waiting blood moon…and I wasn’t alone I’m pretty sure that I saw a wolf there. Pretty scary…but I really like these images, so conclusion is that it is worth it :)

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Rakvere pakub ikka väga ilusaid vaateid. Soov oli verekuud pildistada, kuid pool tundi enne selle algust ilmusid pilved välja. Ehk on järgmine kord rohkem õnne.

22 Comments on “Moonlight Wonderland

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  2. we all have our own decision to make, its better to follow what hearts says because you give satisfaction to it. and having a hobby of watching the moon is really spectacular, see because of your passion to really want to focus hat you love you came up to get a beautiful photo. good job!

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  3. I love your work so much. This one looks so pure and silent. Anyone can gossip in the hotel. I only can get to one of the images though, not sure what is happening there. Don’t be too afraid of wolves though, if there is just one you can likely scare it away by flapping your arms and looking bigger than them and being unafraid – it is probably the same advice as for coyotes here, and wolves, even mountain lions. The bears are the only ones who would eat you! Do you have bears?

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    • Thank You Jeni for comment. Are you watching through wordpress reader?
      Yea, there was only one. I’m not scared wolves, but just haven’t seen one, it was quite uniqe experience :) Another story is with stray dogs. Wolves have quite hard time right now. They don’t have a lot to eat, because we had wild boar plague. Easiest catch what they can eat is guard dogs in farms.
      We have European brown bears. They don’t eat humans, but I have heard some intsidents when bear attacted human, but usually they do it to protect them selves or bear-cubs.


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