At The Edge

Something different. I usually don’t make bw images, but at that night ( this monday) there where no colors due to lack of northern lights.
The snow is very bright because the almost full moon behind me.

One more thing. I’m really excited to start planning my photo trip to UK, again. Really beautiful country. This time I’m planning to visit Lake District National Park, Galloway Forest Park and of course Glencoe. So yeah, a lot to study and some shopping to do to upgrade my camping gear :)

If you know some beautiful places on this route. Feel free to share in comments. One more thing about Galloway Forest Park. Does some one know when the bluebells are blossoming? I think I will be in Galloway early may.

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Ei anna alla. Käin ikka piilumas mereääres, et kas virmalisi näeb või mitte. Kuna pilt on must valge siis järelikult ei ole õnnestunud öösel värve näha. Aga siiski, päris mõnus on hulkuda üksinda mereääres, Kaldast on võimalik ca 50m kaugusel kõndida, kuna vett ei ole. Järgmisest nädalast läheb pilve, eks siis tulevad ka virmalised.

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