Icy road to loneliness

Well this is quite nice island for campng :)

From this picture it looks like we have decent winter, but actually it is probably the worst winter that I remember. That’s sad, because I like cold weather. Most normal persons are travelling to someplace warmer when here is quite gray weather, it seems that I have to travel to Norway or Lapland in winter to see snow :)

For licensing: https://licensify.co/o/1ZXM-NSb?t=54

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Jäine teekond üksikule saarele. Seal oleks telkida täitsa tore. Pilti vaadates jääb mulje nagu oleks meil korralik talv. Kahju, et reaalsus on midagi muud.

10 Comments on “Icy road to loneliness

  1. Your photos are great! Congrats! I’m a photographer too, from Argentina and my blog si US4P (unusua spots for photography). The idea is not show my pics but places out of turist guide beautiful to take photos.


  2. You have found some amazing colors and I love the composition. When you say it is the worst winter you remember, do you mean because it’s colder than normal, or is it warmer so it is wetter than normal and no snow? We are also having a colder and wetter than normal winter here in the US desert – I think the entire US is having a bad winter, it is starting to sound like the entire northern hemisphere is having a bad winter!


    • Thank you. I didn’t expect to see colorful sunset, because there wasn’t clouds, but thankfully at the right time clouds appeard. About winter, it is too warm for my taste :) I like when temperature is about -15°c and deep snow :)

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