I spent whole day in forest, the purpose of this was that I want to make more woodland images, My hopes where high, but this image is only one that catched my eye and it is not even image about forest :) So yeah, now I know why people are saying that woodland images are one of the most difficult theme.

For licensing: https://licensify.co/o/Ax9c_Zvb?t=47

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11 Comments on “Different

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  2. I don’t see why you would not think this is an image about the forest. The majority of the trees standing in the background are fir or pine? – all very vertical. Some of the foreground trees to the left are vertical and so are the yellow reeds. Then there’s the crooked tree, almost horizontal standing out from the crowd. All are necessary parts of the forest, and the photograph says that even trees can have souls – the crooked tree is definitely the pine tree with an inner soul of a willow or tropical palm, the way it leans over the water.

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    • Thank You Jeni for comment.
      Maybe because I was looking images in deep forest, but it doesn’t mean that I don’t like this image, I do like it. And it was really hard to capture that on. I was really close to fall in that river :)

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