Day with small birds

Nice day in bird hide. Actually I saw 5 different kinds of birds, but I could not make decent picture of Blue tit. I hope I have better luck next time. Photographing small birds is quite stressfull, but still I think it is the best way to not to think about everyday problems. So yeah, can’t wait to go back :)

So here are the the main characters :)

Willow Tit, Põhjatihane, Parus montanus

Nuthatch, Puukoristaja, Sitta europaea

Great Tit, Rasvatihane, Parus major

Greenfinch, Rohevint, Carduelis chloris

2 Comments on “Day with small birds

  1. Did you intend to post 4 photos? There was only one- I think it was the nuthatch, but I have never seen one perching upright, they are always on the side of a post or tree, upside down.


    • Well, actually I posted 7 images. I’ve checked multiple with computers, and those images are there.
      But yea, it doesn’t happen that often when this bird is perching upright :)


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