Last autumn colors

Beautiful find near Olustvere. Last autumn colors. Next grey and wet winter. I really hope that weather forecast is telling the truth about snowy and cold winter that is coming. I would really like it :)

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Ilus leid Olustvere lähedal. Kahjuks värvid looduses hakkavad lõppema. Loodan, et talv tuleb lumine ja jahe mitte märg ja soe.

2 Comments on “Last autumn colors

  1. Estonia is in the news here a lot – about the perceived threat from the east. I hope it turns out to be nothing more. I think you might be stressed because it seems like you forgot to attach the photo on this blog.


    • Thanks, I just fixed the error.
      Yeah, What can we do if in terms of all the humans, a small bunch of people are no longer able to play in a one sandbox. I really hope that it is just a show. World has changed.

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