Night sky

Milky way season has started. I managed to find good place for photographing the night sky, it is about 80 km from Estonian biggest city Tallinn. There isn’t much light pollution, so probably I will return next time when possible.
The light pollution is the biggest enemy for photographers who want to photograph the night sky. It is so hard to find good spot where the sky is the darkest.
Couple weeks ago I read an National Geographic article about light pollution. The problem is so big, that more than 80 percent of the planet’s land areas and 99 percent of the population of the United States and Europe live under skies so blotted with man-made light that the Milky Way has become virtually invisible.
If nothing changes than maybe this is the last century when humans can see milky way or even stars. Who knows…

Linnutee hooaeg on alanud.
Lõpuks õnnestus leida ka koht kus on suhteliselt vähe valgusreostust, kuid selleks tuleb sõita ca 80 km linnast eemale.
National Geaographicu artiklit lugedes oli üllatus suur, et olukord on oluliselt hullem kui arvasin. Tuleb välja, et 80% kogu planeedi maa-alast ning 99% USA ja Euroopa elanikest praktiliselt ei näe linnuteed.
Mine tea, võib-olla see sajand on viimane, kus on veel võimalik näha linnuteed

2 Comments on “Night sky

  1. I’m happy for you that you live within driving distance of a dark sky. I’m lucky that although there are lights near my house, they are not enough to obscure the milky way when the moon isn’t up. This weekend we’re going to an even more remote area, perhaps I’ll have room to pack my camera….

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